It is particularly suitable for hardfacing and joining of pipes and bolts. The machine performs ordinary weld seam (butt welding) and narrow gap welding. The latter has several advantages over traditional methods, including shorter welding time, low heat generation and faster lead times in production. In the design of the machine, we have accentuated its efficiency for Inconell-hardfacing.
We have a specially designed welding facility - Polysoude Tig welding machine. The machine features a 20 meters gantry, two complete fully automated welding units, 3t crank table, and integrated power supply for backing and headstock.
The welding units can operate independently of each other or perform coordinated tasks. This makes the machine flexible as one welding unit for instance can weld inner cladding at one station while the other does the exterior cladding of another work piece. On larger welding jobs the units can be set to run simultaneously to maximize performance.
The facility also feature standard seam welding and Narrow gap. Narrow gap welding applies to joining of parts with heavy casting and allows the use of a minimal weld joint. This leads to faster and more cost-saving operations.
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